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QuickBooks Barcode Scanner

Mobile App for Inventory System at JB's Furniture

A web app I built to integrate with the inventory system I designed for JB's Furniture. It combines QuaggaJS barcode scanning functionality with the QuickBooks Online API to allow tracking and updating of inventory locations, via smartphone or tablet. See the code here:

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Jungle Boy Gear

Dropship Handling eCommerce Site

Featured on devCodeCamp's website. Built in ASP.NET using the MVC model and the nopCommerce platform. The customer side handles online shopping, while the admin side monitors external dropshipping inventories and manages sales data. Prior to going to devCodeCamp, I was in the process of starting an online dropshipping store, but soon realized I didn't have the technical knowledge to build the site and features the way I wanted and needed to. This became a major catalyst behind my decision to go to coding school. It all came full circle when I was finally able to create what I had only dreamed of before. See the code here:

Talking Clock App

Personal Project for the Vision Impaired

This project is deeply meaningful to me. I was a primary caretaker for my dear Gramma Catherine, whose health started to plummet shortly after I graduated. I put my job hunt on hold for many weeks to be with her. Nearly blind, she constantly struggled to read her clock. I got an idea, and within 24 hours I was able to make this talking clock app for her. With a tap on the iPad, it announces the time, as well as a recorded message from me. View the code:

TCP Chat Room

Week 5 Project During Coding School

A C# based local network chat server that utilizes asynchronous programming to register clients, queue incoming data, and broadcast messages to the group simultaneously. This project was a real turning point for me as I had previously never heard of many of the tools that were needed to build it, so finding and implementing them all proved to be quite a challenge. But through the process, I learned not just about new technologies, but more so about being a developer, and what personal traits are vital to becoming a successful one. Check out the code:

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